About Us

J K Foo Consortium Pte Ltd extends reliable and professional land survey and consultancy services to well-known developers, construction and engineering companies and government entities in Singapore. We are a highly experienced team of surveyors who have played their humble yet significant part in building the modern infrastructure that Singapore is known for. We focus on completing projects in a timely manner while endeavouring for the best quality. Our service portfolio has a complete range of surveying services that utilize the latest technology in order to deliver top notch proficiency.

We are Singapore’s first company that received the Land Surveyors Board of Singapore’s Corporate Practice Licence to practice land surveying consultancy services (including land title and strata title surveys) under extraordinarily stringent conditions.

Who are our customers?

We are one of Singapore’s oldest and largest Land Survey companies. During our operations since 1983 we have established enduring relationships with major Developers, Building Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Residential/ Commercial/Industrial Property Owners and government authorities such as HDB, LTA, URA, National Parks and so on.

What value do we add to your projects?

The key advantage our clients receive when they engage our services is the quality of our work. We bring to you old school values such as dedication and integrity coupled with the knowledge of the latest technology.

The Land Survey profession is facing two major challenges today:

We addressed this challenge by adopting modern technologies and high-scale computerization in our work way back. We deploy advanced high-powered electronic tools such as drafting software, high precision high resolution measuring devices, RTK GPS, scanners, data collectors, etc. We are fast mastering various other technologies based on Global Positioning Systems, using satellites positioning for land surveying works. We have, in fact, carried out a full mapping of our Singapore road networks using this modern technology.

We are proud to have always achieved the highest benchmarks of accuracy, speed, and flexibility in our projects. We are known to get totally involved and be in touch with you continually with a series of queries and feedback sessions. We, therefore, can achieve continuous improvement during the project. We are methodical and highly process-driven; therefore, we maintain the utmost professionalism and transparency in our work.