About Us
Our People

Why do we always succeed in large and complex projects?

The answer is our people! We have the distinction of retaining majority of our team for over fourteen years. This in itself is a record of sorts in an industry known for shortage of skilled manpower. Our team members are a family to us – a family driven by the same passion to make a significant contribution through our skills and leave our mark on every assignment we successfully deliver. No project, large or small, therefore, is a challenge for our team for they have contributed to most of Singapore’s iconic projects and important infrastructure projects.

We invest heavily in our people by keeping their skills polished in terms of the latest technology, tools and techniques. All our field surveyors, leading the survey teams, are Registered Assistant Surveyors with the Land Surveyors Board, Singapore.

Our technical support team

Number of survey teams                                :  5 field teams

Number of CAD technicians/checkers          :  8

We have 7 registered assistant surveyors with the Land Surveyors Board, Singapore.



In view of shortage of manpower in this field of practice and the local institutions not able to continue to conduct the relevant courses, the company had way back in the early days of the company geared towards modern technologies and computerisation. Our field equipment are all high-powered electronic ones. In our latest move, we are also gearing towards Global Positioning Systems, using satellites positioning for land surveying works. We had in fact carried out a full mapping of our Singapore road networks using this modern technology. We have in our possession high-powered GNSS survey and advance 3D laser terrestrial scanning equipment.